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The care giver can use our mobile app to choose the patient and start the session time clock, then when the session is finished the appropriate information is sent for processing.
The session information automatically completes a CMS-1500 for the appropriate patient and places the form into a batch for printing or electronic submission. You may also complete a CMS-1500 form on the screen with patient information and provider information always included.
All of yorr claims can be uploaded maually or automatically to a clearing house for payment.
Batch your claims with one click for printing or electronic submission.

Smartforms powerful ICD-10 compatable CMS 1500 medical billing system for Home Health agencies automates the collection of billing data with a timer on a smartphone and then converts the information into complete CMS-1500 forms. The Smartforms Care-clock CMS 1500 software allows you to easily create, print, electronically submit, and track all of your claims. The software system is entirely online and does not require additional software on your computer and can be used from any location with a internet connection.


Easy to use

The Mobile app allows care givers to just click the timer to send patient and sesion information to the server. The claims now can be sent to the clearing house for processing. Eliminate all of the complex data entry by care givers and office staff. ICD-10 compatible now so you don't have to worry about updating.

Live support

Live support is provided by our compentent staff to help you with any issues you may have. Custom modifications can be made to our products to help make your proccesing easier.

Automatic updates

Updates and form changes are automatically installed on your application.

Print Options

CMS1500 pro will print the complete the CMS1500 form on plain paper or on a red medicare form which can be custom aligned for your printer for a perfect fit.

Batch your claims with one click

Smartforms care-clock will automatically batch your completed claims for electronic submission to clearing house services.

Electronic Submission

The care-clock software system provides clearing house electronic submission services with Trizetto, a leading medical clearing house that also provides host of other services for providers.

Low cost

The cost for the Smartforms CMS-1500 care-time software is a Monthly fee of $199.00. This includes unlimited electronic delivery. The per claim cost is 49 cents.

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